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How To Prevent Cancer

Hello buddy share of health, this time I willdiscuss how to prevent cancer. This disease is fairlycommon in the community. Everyone will want to avoid this disease. Many things can we do to avoid thisdisease.

Many kinds of cancerssuch as brain cancer, mouth cancer, throatcancer, lung cancer, "breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer (testicular), leukemia cancer (inthe blood), skin cancer.

Well this is a variety of tips on how to avoid cancer :

1. Stop Smoking.

Smoking can causecancer, but on cigarette packs manufacturers already provide a warning to us to stop smoking because it causes cancer. Therefore now tryto quit smokinghabit.

2. Eat Less Red Meat.

One of which canlead to colon cancer is red meat, because they contain bad cholesterol. So from now subtract red meateating habits.

3. Remove Sweat InOur Bodies.

With many we will automatically move a lot of sweatand toxins-racung that exist in our bodies will come out. Shouldyou frequently exercise, for example enough to walk or run.

4. Drinking Water.

By drinking water, help us to remove toxins in our bodies. At least you drink water a day 8x, if more than that is better.

5. Use MaskWhen Driving.

Air pollution can cause disease in our bodies. Such as air pollutioncaused by smoking. Therefore use a mask when you're driving, to avoid air pollution.

6. Avoid Alcohol.

Hi-heart ifyou abuse alcohol because of the risk of getting cancer. Look out for femalewho frequently drink alcohol, because it can causebreast cancer. From now avoid drinking alcohol habits.

  7. Reduce FoodContaining Sugar.

In our body there are special cancer cells, and these cellsneed sugar togrow. Therefore nowavoid eating sweetfoods "is redundant.

8. Should Consume:

     Green Tea    : It has antioxidants to fight cancer.
     Greens          : Does not contain pesticides, so as tofight cancer.
     Fish              : It contains omega-3 fatty acids, whichprotect the growth of cancer cells.
     Avocado       : a powerful antioxidant, to fight free radicals in the body.
     Garlic           : Able tofight cancer, and can increase endurance.
     Chili             : Canneutralize a number of cancers, including cancer of the stomach to prevent.
     Papaya          : Can minimize certain types of cancer.
     Grapefruit     : Containsmonoterpenes are able to prevent cancer.
     Red Wine      : Containsbioflavonoids and antioxidants for the prevention of cancer.
     Fungi             : Helpsthe body reduces cancer.
     Soy                : It can help prevent breast cancer.
     Tomatoes       : containvitamin C, canprevent cell damage that can become cancerous.

Well the aboveare tips how to prevent cancer. May be useful for you all.

Thank you for readingthis article :).
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